EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show 50. Hibernation: sleep ’til the pizza trees bloom

50. Hibernation: sleep ’til the pizza trees bloom

We’ve all been there: winter gets dark and cold, and the urge to curl up in bed and sleep through the harshest of seasons grows strong.  Unfortunately, if that’s how you tried to cope, you’d go from cold as a stone, to stone cold dead. Human biology just isn’t cut out for the task. Bears on the other hand, are masters of hibernation.

With the help of guest host David Zimelis, K + K show you why hibernation is more than just a snooze, and explore the incredible things bears do that allow them to curl up for months on end without food, water, or bathroom breaks (yikes!).

All songs heard on this episode were used with permission from composer Ed Curtiss. You can purchase the album “Underwrought Works” at shut-ins.bandcamp.com.

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