EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show 51. The First Life on Earth

51. The First Life on Earth

It’s 4.5 billion years ago. The Earth is a hot, bubbling sphere of lava  & hostile gases. And then suddenly… THERE IS LIFE!

But how did this first Earthly organism show up on our planet? And who was (s)he? A Giant Virus? An archaea cell?

Meet your Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother, Luca. 

If our earliest ancestor was indeed, as research suggests, a simple strand of chemicals that randomly happened to smush together in the perfect shape for fabricating its own decedents (also strands of chemicals) floating in a swamp of primordial ooze that was randomly struck by lightning… how did it evolve into the extremely complex multi-cellular plants and animals that exist today?

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