Everything is Interesting is a weekly 30 minute radio show on XRAY 107.1fm in Portland, Oregon.  The hosts, Keera Lindenberg & Kira Klingenberg (yes, really) question the how and why of every day topics, like snowflakes, sea monkeys, and lactose intolerance.  Through the lens of science, K+K explore the world in a way that everyone, despite their inherent level of Nerdiness, can enjoy.

Some of the Science Project crew, including Zoid the Cherry Shrimp, at the Willamette River Revival Festival.

Kira Klingenberg and Keera Lindenberg are the President & Vice President (respectively) of the nonprofit program,  Science Project.  The organization, based out of Portland, Oregon, aims to inspire kids and adults to use science to explore the world around them.

Science Project provides exciting hands-on opportunities to investigate, discover, and learn,  through educational programs that turn textbook concepts into fully engaging experiences.  These mobile-museum style programs are available for camps, classrooms, parties, and community events.

(Yes, if you book a Science Project event, Keera and Kira will deliver the science to you personally! And yes, of course they’ll autograph your periodic table of elements, thank you for asking!)

Can you guess which one is which?

The “Everything Is Interesting” show got its start on Portland’s XRAY 107.1fm in the summer of 2016.  K+K were invited onto the XRAY Morning Show to talk about Science Project’s science projects, and the quest to spark enthusiasm for learning and exploration within the community.

Seeing an opportunity for scientific outreach that they just couldn’t pass up, K+K brought along some radio-themed science questions for the DJ’s to answer, and the (very rough version of) Everything Is Interesting show was born!

In less than a year, Everything Is Interesting has become a staple of the Portland airwaves, hosting key figures from the Science World like Amanda Thomas & Jackie Wirz, tackling Oregon legislative issues like suction dredge mining with help from highly esteemed ecological experts, participating in community events like the Portland March for Science, and presenting scientific knowledge in a way that’s accessible, captivating, and generally pretty fun.

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