EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show 48. DMT & Dying -with Dr. Rick Strassman

48. DMT & Dying -with Dr. Rick Strassman

Many years ago, Keera almost died. We’re glad she didn’t, but we have always been curious about the biological basis of what she experienced. Was her “journey outside of this reality,” really real? Or was it a vivid hallucination caused by DMT, the psychoactive molecule theorized to flood your brain at the time of death?

To find the answer, K+K talked to Dr. Rick Strassman, author of the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and one of the leading experts on how the molecule affects our moods, thoughts, and perceptions. Together, they explore how DMT works, the probable function it has in our lives and in our deaths, and what DMT has to do with near-death experiences.

Find more about Dr. Strassman’s work, or delve deeper into the science of DMT and the mystical experience with his incredibly fascinating books, at Rickstrassman.com

Weirdly, we couldn’t find any actual photos of the afterlife.

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