EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show 62. Hot-Topics Debate: GMOs and CRISPR

62. Hot-Topics Debate: GMOs and CRISPR

What do you get when you take 2 science nerds & 3 radio producers, and put them in a small room to discuss a hotly debated topic like Genetically Modified Organisms and their role in agriculture? Apparently you get today’s episode of Everything is Interesting.

After reading recent news stories explaining that the public should embrace “CRISPRing,” a new(er) technology for engineering DNA, because its different from the topic of GMOs they’ve spent years protesting against (spoiler alert: its not, and CRISPRing isn’t a word)  K+K set out to bring some actual science into the public conversation. With the XRAY crew, they get extremely passionate about:

  • the definition of a GMO
  • how it is that genes change naturally
  • Golden Bullets and other fun ways to get new genes into old organisms
  • how the mass use of GMOs could affect the environment
  • why being strongly for or against all GMOs as a broad category is, frankly, kinda ridiculous

If you want to have an informed debate about GMOs with your friends and neighbors, and we know you do, this is the episode for you!

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