55. Telepathy & Other Fun Party Tricks You Can Do With A Computer In Your Brain!

Have you ever moved things with your mind? How about communicated a thought telepathically, from your brain, directly to someone else’s brain?

If you’ve used Brain-Computer Interface technology, (or if you’re a Jedi) the answer is probably… yes! But if there were wires and a computer involved, does that count as true telepathic or telekenetic abilities? And will they let you into Jedi Academy with something like this on your head?

Keera Lindenberg & Joel Murphy, and the hat that sucks up brainwaves.

Thank you so much to Joel Murphy from OpenBCI for explaining the ins and outs of Brain Computer Interface, and for reading Keera’s brainwaves! To find out more about his work, or find the open source codes for building some of your own super rad BCI tech (see: exhibit A, Keera’s nifty robot-hat) visit openbci.com!