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How to Be a Science Advocate

How to Be a Science Advocate: Your Guide to Standing Up For Science

Science at it’s purest is non partisan. Even when the way we use science becomes highly political, what we discover through science applies to the entire planet, and all the people living on it.

It’s not a matter of believing in it. Science just is. It’s the endless process of discovering how things work, so we can better understand the nature of the world. Even so, science and government end up intertwined.

If science matters to you, here’s a guide to to starting to influence public policy.

1) Know what legislation is being proposed, and pay close attention to which ones directly impact the scientific community.

  • Legislation moving through Congress is listed here:


  • The American Geophysical Union has compiled a list of which legislation and congressional actions will affect science research and climate change:


2) Know who your representatives are, and tell them what you think. Call them. Write them. Even better, if you can, show up in person and go to the town hall meetings they hold and speak up.

  • If you live in Portland, Oregon, your representatives are:
    • Earl Blumenauer: 202-225-4811
    • Jeff Merkley: 202-224-3753
    • Ron Wyden: 202-224-5244

These ideas have been compiled by Science Project, but partially submitted by community members. This document can and will change over time, as more Citizen Action Ideas come to light. For best results, use frequently! And share!

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