Day: May 10, 2019

Season 2: Invasions – A Cure for HIV: How We Cured the London PatientSeason 2: Invasions – A Cure for HIV: How We Cured the London Patient

Although we’ve had great breakthroughs in pharmaceutical treatments for HIV, the virus remains one of the scariest diseases out there, because as of yet, there is no surefire cure. But as of this month,we have found a cure… for exactly 2 people in the history of the world. Can the experimental treatment used on the 2 patients who have had the virus wiped from their system be used to help the 37 million people living with the disease today? Should it be?

In Part 1, K+K discussed how HIV infiltrates your body, and why its so hard to get rid of. In today’s episode, K+K examine the London Patient, and how doctors used the patient’s immune system against itself to eradicate the virus. They also look at the recent birth of the first person to be genetically modified with an immunity to HIV, and discuss if this will be and should be the future of medicine.

Disclaimer: the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is not actually a cartoon.