Day: February 21, 2019

Season 1: Loops – Is Time a Flat Circle? Part ISeason 1: Loops – Is Time a Flat Circle? Part I

What is time? A line? A loop? A figment of our imaginations? Spoiler alert… no one knows. But we can use what we know about physics, biology, and Einstein’s ideas about Relativity to take our best guess. Join K+K on this 2-part journey into the center (if there is such a place) of time (if there is such a thing)!  In this show:

  • How does the human brain keep track of time?
  • Why is syncing up our biological rhythms with the sun’s cycles so important?
  • If someone kidnapped you and you woke up in a sensory deprivation tank, would you ever know what time it was again?

Are you the glucose monster or the melatonin fairy? Be honest.






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