Day: January 23, 2019

Season 1: Loops – Thought Loops & HabitsSeason 1: Loops – Thought Loops & Habits

Its a new year! That means its time to make some resolutions about picking up new, healthy, shiny habits! Habits that will definitely become part of your routine right away and you’ll do them every day and you’ll never break them even when you get super stressed out at work because of that one lady that always comes in and gets on your last nerve and the next thing you know you’re eating chocolate chip cookies… right?

Why are bad habits so hard to break, even when we rationally know better? Why do we replay the same thoughts over and over again in our minds, even when we don’t want to? Is it possible to rewire our neural pathways in order to break the old, bad habits in favor of some healthier, more conscious decisions? (Spoiler: yes, yes it is.) Join K+K and guest David Zimelis to find out!