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35. 6th Grader Questions, Part 235. 6th Grader Questions, Part 2

In a special “Listener Question” episode of Everything is Interesting, K+K answer some excellent inquisitions, sent in by the kids from Mrs. Pace’s 6th grade class at Pleasant Valley Middle school in Vancouver, Washington. The question writers brought up some super interesting topics, and we wanted to answer them all, so we broke this one up into 2 separate episodes. On today’s show the science ladies tackle:

-How the Earth was formed
-Why the Earth’s axis is tilted
-Where Earth’s water came from
-The first plant to emerge on Earth
-The number of endangered species on Earth
-The temperature on the moons of Neptune

14. Watson the Water Molecule Becomes A Rain Drop14. Watson the Water Molecule Becomes A Rain Drop

Join the Science Ladies and Jefferson, the Up-For-Any-Challenge DJ from XRAY in the morning, as they relay a tale sure to delight both young and old.  This is the story of Watson, a water molecule from the Pacific Ocean, and his amazing journey up into a rain cloud, and back down again.

Somewhere in the middle of the story, we stop to quiz the XRAY crew on some very important facts about lightning. You might call it a Lightning Round.