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33. Bad Science Fiction Movies #233. Bad Science Fiction Movies #2

If there’s one thing we love, its ruining movie night for everyone by informing them of all the horrible science in wonderful movies. Play along with our 2nd Bad Science Fiction Movies Quiz, and see if you can pinpoint the scientific slip-ups in Transformers, The Core, Spider Man, and The Matrix.

4. Science Fiction Movies, In Spaaaaace!4. Science Fiction Movies, In Spaaaaace!

Science Fiction movies are great. But for us, half the fun of watching them is how blatantly they misrepresent the actual science behind their plots. Its ridiculous, it’s inaccurate, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun to pick apart.

On today’s show, we listen to a few clips from some of our favorite science fiction movies, and focus in on one of the major inaccuracies, then give you three possible reasons why it wouldn’t have happened that way. Only one of the totally-plausible sounding scientific explanations is the right one. Can you figure out which it is before the DJs? 

Quiz: “You know they got it wrong, but do you know why?”