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33. Bad Science Fiction Movies #233. Bad Science Fiction Movies #2

If there’s one thing we love, its ruining movie night for everyone by informing them of all the horrible science in wonderful movies. Play along with our 2nd Bad Science Fiction Movies Quiz, and see if you can pinpoint the scientific slip-ups in Transformers, The Core, Spider Man, and The Matrix.


On today’s episode, Kira and Keera quiz the XRAY team on the life and times of Amazing Arachnids! Can spiders get caught in their own web? Why DO spiders have 8 eyes? What would a 20 foot tall spider be like? And what would really happen if you were bitten by a radioactive spider?

The most cuddly thing on 8 legs.

Then in the last 5 minutes, we share some ways that you, the listener, can be active in our national democracy and advocate for science!