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39. The Placebo Effect39. The Placebo Effect

It’s not just conjecture: placebos work. The question is… how? Why is it that many diseases and physical ailments can be cured just as well with a sugar pill as they can with clinically tested medicine? K+K examine a case of mysteriously healed Parkinson’s Disease, talk about a doctor curing chronic pain with peppermint candies, and take a look at what happens in a person’s brain when they believe they’re receiving medical treatment… but aren’t.







13. Marijuana Part II13. Marijuana Part II

Is there research to support that marijuana can be used as medicine? What diseases would it treat?

What is CBD, and what does it do to your body?

12. Marijuana – Part I12. Marijuana – Part I

Today’s show is Part I of a two-part episode, all about the science of Marijuana! (Don’t worry, we live in Oregon. It’s totally legal.) Today Kira and Keera cover:

  • Human’s millennia old history with marijuana
  • The specificsĀ of the Cannabis species
  • What THC does to your neurons to gets you high
  • Science of drug addiction