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54. Artisanal Bug Soup – the Life of Carnivorous Plants54. Artisanal Bug Soup – the Life of Carnivorous Plants

Science Fact or Science Fiction (the quiz game™) is back! On today’s episode, K+K test Keiren Bond on her carnivorous plant knowledge, with questions like:

  • Can a Venus Fly Trap count?
  • Would any plant eat bugs if you mushed them into an artisanal organic soup?
  • Would a pitcher plant prefer to eat a Montane Tree Shrew, or its poop?

“Today’s my day, I can just feel it!”

36. Human Evolution (A Brief Overview)36. Human Evolution (A Brief Overview)

We humans are pretty fortunate. Our intelligence and physical features are a result of the evolutionary hand we’ve been dealt, and are what have allowed us to build an advanced society with sophisticated infrastructure.

Get it?? The HAND we’ve been dealt??

Despite what you may have learned from 2001: A Space Odyssey, genetic changes, which produce physical and behavioral changes, don’t happen overnight, propelled by the power of a giant Monolith. Adaptations like walking upright, dexterity, and large complex brains, took millions of years to develop, and required the right environmental conditions for these random genetic changes to be considered assets. Join Kira and Keera on the journey of just how, and why, our ancient primate ancestors became… us.

8. Milk!8. Milk!

In Keera and Kira’s first episode with Jefferson Smith, host of XRAY’s Morning Show, the ladies discuss the history and science of milk. Jefferson, on the other hand, internally questions whether or not he ever wants to do another show with 2 nerdy ladies who seem to be unusually enthusiastic about the science of dairy products.

Topics include:

  • What’s happening at the molecular level when cream becomes whipped cream?
  • Why are some people lactose intolerant? What features do lactose tolerant people possess that gives them the ability to safely digest dairy?
  • Is cheese really as addictive as crack?