EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show Season 2: Invasions – Pregnancy

Season 2: Invasions – Pregnancy


Trust me, every single available photo of a placenta is horrifying. Here’s an adorable newborn baby instead.

Human pregnancy. A sweet symbiotic relationship between 2 beings? Or a BODILY INVASION?? Depends on which of your cells you ask.

In this episode, K+K explore the role of the Placenta, the temporary organ that develops in the mother’s body alongside the fetus. Sure, it procures nutrients and keeps the baby alive… but if mom’s not vigilant, the placenta will gladly TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Or at least her body.

Find out how the Placenta executes its military attack, what happens if the body can’t defend itself, and then as a bonus, why this topic is timely and relevant to an upcoming break in the production of Everything is Interesting episodes.

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