EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show Season 1: Loops – Wild Wolves & Feedback Loops

Season 1: Loops – Wild Wolves & Feedback Loops

Kira and Keera are trying something new: seasons! With themes! In Season 1, they’re exploring the idea that in nature, many processes happen in reoccurring patterns, or more specifically, loops.

In today’s episode, K+K dive into how important, and also difficult, it is to keep ecosystems in balance. They talk to Alma Frankenstein, Project Manager for the Cascadia Systems Institute, about how the natural world keeps itself from completely falling part, through the use of positive and negative feedback loops.

Then they use this knowledge to tackle a debate that has been waging in the U.S. for nearly 100 years: is the big, bad Grey Wolf really bad? Should we continue to guard its population under the Endangered Species Act, or is this dangerous predator a threat that needs to be eradicated?

Come along and ride on a fantastic Science Voyage, and find out!

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