EVERYTHING IS INTERESTING Radio Show How to Make Your Own Aquatic World

How to Make Your Own Aquatic World

On today’s Everything Is Interesting episode, we talked about Sea Monkeys (you’re welcome) and those neat little glass biospheres they live in sometimes.

The self-contained biospheres are both beautiful and amazing, because everything Sea Monkeys (spoiler alert: brine shrimp) need to survive is provided by their habitat. The shrimp, algae, and bacteria inside a self-contained biosphere complete a nutrient cycle loop, where all organisms are providing the oxygen, CO2, and nutrients that sustain the other organisms in the system.

As promised, here’s a link to some instructions on how to make your OWN aquatic biosphere.

*Note* We did not craft this document, it belongs to Anne Schultz. Thanks for letting us link to your instructions, Anne!


*Another Note*  Science Project has a glass biosphere that has been sustaining itself for the last 2 years! However, we used cherry shrimp because they require less salty water, meaning there’s more plants that will survive in a cherry shrimp habitat than in a brine shrimp habitat. If you live in Portland, OR, we happen to know that there are shrimp and plants at Pets on Broadway in NE!

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